4 poems by Guy Melvin

Cotton Candy Colored Farts or CCCF
I’m old to this life and new to theirs.
Last Friday we sat down and smiled into drinks.
They farted twice while changing the music
And it’s possible that’s the moment into knowing
I was going to be unhappy
When this later life began.
Pastel violet hair is cotton candy in my mouth.
Of course you do, but please think about me too.
When I swallow them I’ll refuse to fart so I don’t let any of us out. 

On the Nightstand
A Rose Quartz 
Massage Wand  
On the bedside table (Nightstand) 
HD photos of the Horse Head Nebula 
Can't compare to the frequency  
Between these thighs 
Lifting arms is 
Such a surprise 
Understanding others 
Tomorrow's spell 
Drool collecting between cheeks 
Pillowcases, laughter, and sheets 
At zero g everything is perfect 
Annoyingly blue 
Sat atop that blinking light 
Tomorrow's action, tomorrow's fight  
The bass of the voice 
The face of the hair 
Sleeping, humming, hoping, between sleeping  
All combined to one 

2004: T-Pain fell in love with a stripper
2014: We fell in love with a Tinder
There might be a locker at the bottom of the sea that contains your undreamt dreams
Pin-ups of the hottest drag fiends
Because you’re the boy king that’s heard but not seen 
Winding through channels below surfaces is a likeable thing
Especially when it is storming above as the winds and water continue to disagree
Everything is more real/realer on your cell phone’s familiar screen
Drinking, now that’s the American theme
Me? I’m American underneath this skin, and a liar beneath that but also a queen
I’d mostly hate, hate it, but would prolly love to be seen as me.
But who knows? Hard to tell how lonely u r in a twin sized bed
The security of it tho – The security of a nipple inside the mouth of a head 
There are flashes of the monster that fed off of loss and nostalgia’s cool passing.
“It’s lame how used to u I become.” We’re going 6.6 miles per hour faster than when we were sitting. Hand in hand and bottle.
Observations continue
2004: T-Pain fell in love with a stripper
2014: We fell in love with a Tinder
Who you let me in so quickly? Thank you.
We’re mostly just acquaintances, I mean aquanauts tho – meandering through the oceans of mistakes and embraces. My time is had, with you. My face is head between your legs. Flies will linger by the windowsills – dropping to known deaths – they’re fighter pilots at the dawn of war and nationalism, every afternoon until dusk. 
And then we begin again.

Profound Soft Goth Realization #666: There is no demon in me, I am the demon.
The stillness I cared about.
Thinking of what 6 is without George’s 7
Only the number twice of 3 –
Shit sounds “deep” when it’s stupid. 
Anything serious is stupid
Or funny –
So afterwards, following the toweling off, and Gatorade Glacial Freeze sharing
Let’s not share
Later on train: We’ll stare out sunken tracks cutting grass, dirt, rocks
I’ll tell u bout u.
U r worth for all my words, and one more:
I already see u/me 2gether, high up, twisted in bed
EVERYTHING b4u was bright purgatory.
Uneven things and magic are all I notice now. 
But who knows? We’re stupid, sadly/funny enough.